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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ta-Dah! Week 10

#10 - Tolerate More, and Give Thanks Often

This is the last week for the ten Ta-Dah!s Loretta LaRouche wrote about in her book "Relax--You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left".  She ends with saying that optimists live longer and suggests ways to become more optimistic:

     1.  Anticipate that something unexpected could happen     
     2.  Accept some things as they are
     3.  Live your life with meaning
     4.  Live mindfully
     5.  Set realistic goals

She reminds us to reframe things using humor and to take time for manners.  

What I love about the song I included above is that it reminds us to "chill out" about the differences that exist between us--whoever "we" are.  If you stop passing judgments and quit thinking only your opinion matters, you'll be on the road to being more tolerant and in a position to incorporate LaRouche's 5 ways to become more optimistic....because optimism is actually HOPE.  And HOPE is the conduit for LOVE.

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