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Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back

Looking back over the year is always fun to do.  That's why I keep several journals.  I have my daily journal, a Christmas journal, a journal to keep track of the meals I make for guests,  my photo scrapbook albums, as well as this Blog and Another Perfect Day.  Here's a brief look back at 2012 starting in May when I began Morning Musings....

May:  Serenade to Spring

June:  Paris

July: Let It Be Easy

August: To Be An Artist

November: TA-DAH! Week 9

December: Let It Snow

hope you've enjoyed reading my "morning musings" this year.  I look forward to next year and hope you'll continue to follow my Blog.  I love getting comments!


  1. Happy New Year Cathy. I am sure it is a year full of possibilities!! Clarice

  2. Thanks, Clarice! I was reading this morning that we have 86,400 moments in every DAY to "spend" so I agree....the year is FULL of possibilities!


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