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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Brigadoon of Pennsylvania

In the movie, Brigadoon, two American hunters in Scotland stumble upon a village that only appears once every century for a day.  This is so that the village would never be changed or destroyed by the outside world.  October last year I felt we'd stumbled upon such a place in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania when we spent two nights in Eagles Mere, "the village that time forgot," on our way home from my niece's wedding in Connecticut.  I did a post about it called Endless Mountains.  It was a gorgeous Autumn late afternoon when we arrived that Sunday last year.  The next day, however, it rained.  We did not let that deter us from hiking in a nearby State Park.  I knew, though, I needed to come back and explore the lake itself in Eagles Mere.  I'd tried to get my family together for a week last summer, but schedules and rental availability kept that from happening.  So this past Columbus Day weekend we were all able to gather at a house within a short walk of the lake.  Our little home away from home was named Pine Cone Cottage. . . .

Monday, October 5, 2015

View Outside My Window - October

It's the time of year that change is noticeable....however, in my woods the trees still retain their leaves and very few have changed color yet.  Here's the view outside my living room window. . . .