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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Autumn Leaves

Since we still do not have much Autumn color in our part of Maryland I've compiled my favorite photos of past years's foliage from our yard and Autumn vacations.   Be sure to enlarge to full screen (by clicking the square in the lower right corner).  Sit back and enjoy the music I've chosen for you and together we'll make our own Autumn Leaves. . . .


❤️Take Joy❤️

Friday, October 20, 2017

An Autumn Vacation Without Fall Foliage

My Autumn Vacation Without Fall Foliage was also without my good camera (the lens had been sent away for repair AGAIN) so I did not look forward to this 3-day get-away with my usual anticipation.  I was able to resign myself to not having my camera because there were no colorful leaves to take photos of anyway.  SO I'm asking you to imagine colorful leaves on the mountainside, better picture exposure, and more depth of field as you peruse my photos of Jim Thorpe, PA and Bushkill Falls.

After driving 50 minutes to drop Gabriel off at our son's house we drove another 3½ hours to Jim Thorpe, PA, where we were staying at the Times House B&B.  This red brick house was actually two houses when it was built circa 1870.  From 1927 to 1967 it housed the Times-News.  You can read about the present owner's story of how they came to turn it into a B&B in 2009 HERE.  The B&B sits high above the rest of the town on Race Street nestled into the side of Flagstaff Mountain along with St. Mark & John Episcopal Church on the left and a row of shops on the right. . . .

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gabriel's Tale - Chapter 9

Once again this month I have borrowed one of my Beatrix Potter illustrations from last year.  This one is of Jeremy Fisher.  Plus, rather than draw a pond-drenched Gabriel, I've used a photograph of the real pond-drenched Gabriel.  His chase after a frog that leapt into my neighbor's lily pad-covered pond, that looked like grass to him, gave him quite a shock!  I saw it coming as the whole scene evolved before me, but was not quick enough to stop him.

Last month we left off where Duchess waves a wild flower in the direction of Hawkshead to show Gabriel where he should go.  Here are excepts from Chapter 9:

Chapter 9 – On to Hawkshead