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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Endless Mountains

Last weekend we attended a family wedding in Connecticut, then headed home by way of the Endless Mountains in Pennsylvania.  Our destination was Eagles Mere, a quaint little village that sprung up around the mountain-top Lake Lewis, now called Eagles Lake.  A bit more history of the region can be found here.  We arrived 10 minutes after 4:00--ten minutes too late to visit the Museum in the Visitor's Center. . . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

View Outside My Kitchen Window - October 2014

It is the middle of the month already.  We are well into Autumn, although the upper 70's temperature and humidity we came home to yesterday belies that fact.  Today we are having thunderstorms!  We were up in Connecticut over the weekend for a family wedding and then spent two days in the Endless Mountains in northern Pennsylvania, where we had rain also, but we hiked in it anyway wearing heavy coats because of the chill.  Now we are home and must see to bringing in the plants and putting away outdoor furniture.  I've already brought down the storm windows.  The Dahlias are still in bloom, but the Cone Flowers have all faded. . . .

Monday, October 6, 2014

Waterford Fair

The October outing for the Maryland Chapter of the Tasha Tudor Museum Society was to the 71st annual Waterford Fair last week.  The little village of Waterford, VA closes their streets to car traffic and opens it up to hoards of people eager to experience a bit of colonial America.  Waterford was settled in 1733 by a Quaker from Bucks County, PA.  It soon became a thriving farming community centered around the Janney Mill.  You can read more about the history of the community here and how they have been preserving their community's view.

There were four houses open to us that day, but only one let me take photos inside.  I didn't photograph very many craft booths either because of their "no photography" signs.   But I did get lots of photos of the charming houses.  Below is a slideshow of my photos of the day with music from two artists that were playing that day, Bob Bellamy and Wendy Barlow.  If you love their music, as I do (I bought 2 CDs), you can purchase it here.  To view full screen, once you click on the Play ➤ , click on the YouTube icon.  This will give you a better quality picture.  Then click on the 4-corner box in lower right-hand corner to go full screen. . . .

I also made this little video of the one-man band and friends seen in the slideshow. . . .

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Take Joy!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Downton Abbey

The costumes from the Downton Abbey TV series have been one of Winterthur's most popular exhibitions.  It continues through January 4, 2015, which happens to be when Season 5 begins here.  I will admit right up front that I lost interest in the TV series after the second season when PBS started running it past 10:00!  But I have kept up with the buzz about it from time to time whenever people have commented about the show on Susan Branch's website.  I know that I have several readers of my Blog who love Downton Abbey, so this post is for you. 

I hope you will enjoy this brief tour.  I did not capture every costume or every sign.  There were too many people in the way at the beginning of the exhibit to get good photos, and I neglected to go back later because of my gift shop "adventure" at the end. So, you might enjoy reading these articles by others who have visited the exhibit for more information:  Washington Post; Smithsonian; Huffington Post; and this is an interview with Maggie Lidz, one of the three co-curators of the exhibit.  Note:  To make the photos larger, click on them.

Outside the Museum. . . .