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Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Holiday Decorations

One of the wonderful aspects of the Holidays is the decorations!  I've been photographing them while out and about and will add more to this post in the next two weeks, so be sure to come back to give a look-see!

Rural Heritage Museum, Boonsboro, Maryland:

Door fronts around Frederick, Maryland:

Frederick Holiday House Tour:

Frederick Museums by Candlelight Tour:

Holiday decorations around Bethlehem, PA:

New Oxford, PA:


  1. How beautiful everything is! I wish we had a place like the Fredrick House where I lived. Thanks for a glimpse into the Xmas world.

  2. Please come back again. I'll be posting more next weekend!

  3. Pretty, pretty. You are so lucky to live somewhere with such history!! Clarice


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