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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TA-DAH! Week 9

#9 - Try to be Different

"Unconventional people do not take themselves too seriously" and eccentrics are healthier according to Loretta LaRouche.  She encourages us to step outside the box in which we've put ourselves.  She suggests things like wearing a tie or scarf with a bit more flair or underwear that is unique, if we're not ready to make a change everyone else can see.  She has some wackier suggestions, but I'll let you think of your own.

Throughout my life I've been drawn to these sorts of people--people willing to go against the trend.  Tasha Tudor, in the above photo, was one such person.  She celebrated life and found joy in hard work, eschewing modern devices for a lifestyle more akin to the 19th century even though she lived into the 21st century.  Because she was also a recognized children's book illustrator/writer her eccentric lifestyle was an asset.  For those of us without a particular talent we must compromise in order to gain acceptance from our peers.  Unfortunately, this can cause a great deal of unhappiness since we may feel pressured to abandon who we really are.  
Hence, LaRouche's comment about unconventional people not taking themselves too seriously explains how those who dare to be different are able to be so.  

Your assignment this week is to throw convention to the wind if it allows you to be and do what you truly feel led to be or do....then deal with any uncomfortable feelings by reminding yourself not to take yourself too seriously.  Just to be clear on what that means, I found this wonderful definition on-line:  "When someone says you "take yourself too seriously" they may mean that you worry too much about yourself and you're maybe a little bit self-conscious/have a bit of an ego. It's hard to put into words...but in a nut shell it means uptight/lacking a sense of humor about yourself (lacking the ability to laugh at youself/let loose)."  


  1. The more I blog, the less eccentric people I see. Because so many DO live "unconventional" life styles, they no longer seem unconventional. Many have taken on the mantle of Tasha Tudor simply because they admire her so much, and,in a sense, Tasha Tudor took on the mantle of Beatrix POTTER. I am not sure I agree with LaRouche, because the REAL eccentrics that I have known personally, relish all the attention they garner.
    Anyway, just my take on it. By the way, I have been browsing your blog posts and you really are a wonderful writer AND your gardens are just lovely!

  2. Thank you, Jeri, for your comment. I don't know very many eccentrics so I can really speak to whether or not they relish attention. However, I do remember reading that Tasha broke her relationship with Harry Davis when he tried to push her too much into the limelight. I think she loved her admirers, for sure, but she didn't seem to like all the attention it brought her.


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