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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Autumn Memories

 🎵Autumn Leaves🎵

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Tasha Tudor's book, Season's of Delight, is a pop-up book about the delights of each season.  The above is her Autumn page.  She has two other books exclusively about the different seasons:  A Time to Keep and Around the Year.  In 2015 I did a post on Take Joy Society using Tasha's October photos from A Time to Keep.  These are from Around the Year. . .

I took a walk around the yard this afternoon to look for signs of Autumn.  There are only a few so far (note:  If I've misidentified a bush or tree, please leave a comment):

I always plant Mums every Autumn

Some Mums return

The Virginia Creeper aren't as red this year

Kousa Dogwood fruit

Linden Viburnum berries

Wild Barberry

Sugar Maple

Ornamental Grass with Autumn plumes

Virginia Creeper creeping across the garage

Wild Burning Bush

A Dogwood growing sideways

Autumn comes well past the calendar date here in Maryland so I've often posted photos from previous Autumns while I wait. . .

Here are two posts from the past about Autumn:

October 2017:  Autumn Leaves

November 2018:  Life

We usually take a vacation in Autumn to leaf peep.  Sometimes it's just a day trip, but some places need an overnight stay or two. . .

I highly recommend:

Eagles Mere, PA (second visit)

These should hold you over until Autumn makes her full appearance!

Happy Leaf Peeping.....


  1. Beautiful, as always, Cathy! I'm looking forward to our drive north to Maryland this weekend. Not as much color yet down here in southeastern Virginia, but it's getting there.

    1. Thank you, Edie. You'll probably see Red Maples changing once you get up this way.

  2. I love Tasha Tudor's books. They are a visit to a sweet, kind world. Your photos today are the same for me. Thanks, Cathy.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by Morning Musings today! How are the leaves over your way? Ours finally started turning but seem to be dropping off quickly.


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