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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beyond the Garden Gates - 2014

Last month we once again attended the annual garden tour in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  This year I thought I'd include information directly from the brochure for each house so that you can get a better feel for each garden.  I like touring private gardens to collect ideas for my own.  Won't you join me for some inspiration.....

705 Rosemont Avenue
"This organic space blends a cottage style garden with native plants and edibles.  Guests entering the front yard will be greeted by an urban meadow abounding with native plants.  This space has become a habitat for butterflies, particularly the monarch butterfly." 
 "The back garden and patio has proven to be ideal for small family gatherings...[It] also houses raised beds where a variety of edibles are planted.  This natural space has been certified by the 'Bay-Wise' Conservation Landscaping Program."

205 Grove Boulevard
"This casual garden is a family-oriented space ideal for backyard barbecues and get-togethers....the yard boasts.....Crepe Myrtle, Hydrangea, Viburnum and Lilacs reign over Coral Bells, Goldenrod and ferns."
(Look closely at the below praying mantis sculpture to see the "realism")

220 Lindbergh Avenue
"Garden enthusiasts will admire the Blue Atlas cedar and large Oak Leaf hydrangea that frame the front, left corner of the home."
"Enhancing the beauty of the semi-private back garden is a pond that was restored in 2004, and is home to two large Koi, goldfish and the occasional frog."

406 West Second Street
"Outdoor entertaining is the focus of this inviting space.....With an eye to effortless comfort, the garden contains no angles."

402 West Second Street
"This space is a lovely example of a potager, or kitchen, garden.  Four raised beds span the yard, each incorporating a variety of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Separating each bed are delightful brick walkways leading to a flagstone patio.

"Nestled beside the patio is a tranquil water garden, with goldfish and water lilies."
"Throughout the space visitors will find large urns overflowing with flowers, as well as statuary, including the homeowner's favorite antique statue, 'Beatrice'."
(Then we made our way out the back gate to the alley)....

309 Fleming Avenue
"This charming garden is a wonderland for the homeowners' grandchildren, alive with color, fragrance and secret nooks for playing."

305 Fleming Avenue
"The homeowners designed this casual garden in the summer of 2000 after the completion of their large sunroom addition to the rear of their home.  The spacious wrap-around slate patio serves as a connector to the two spaces.  Of particular interest are the pond in the rear of the garden and the raised herb garden built into the brick wall near the back entrance to the garden."

We took a break at City Hall where lemonade and cookies were waiting for us.  This building was originally built as the County Courthouse in 1862.
 Below is the view from the steps...

115 Record Street
"The Record Street Home was established in 1892 to provide a 'means of obtaining the comfort and security so necessary for the repose of mind and body which should ever attend the declining years of life,' and is the only assisted living facility of its kind still operable in the State of Maryland.  Home to twenty residents, the facility is a not-for-profit organization....dedicated to providing a loving environment for residents to live out the remainder of their lives."
"The memory garden provides a quiet place for the residents to enjoy the outdoors.  Whether relaxing with family and friends, engaging in light gardening or merely enjoying the birds and butterflies that share the space, the garden is a treasured addition to the home."

121 Record Street

William Tyler Page was best known for his authorship of the American Creed and a descendant of President Tyler.

"Characteristics of an English country garden abound in this attractive oasis in the heart of downtown Frederick.  The lush design includes boxwood, herbs, mature trees and a wealth of perennials, roses, azaleas and hydrangeas.  The current homeowners have enhanced the space by constructing the brick patio, in part, from old bricks salvaged from the circa 1840 property.  A fountain, extensive plantings and a new garden gate have also been added.  Charming details will delight throughout this cozy space, including topiaries, climbing roses, a large sundial and potted specimen plants placed throughout."

201 East Second Street
"This structured garden is noticeably French, holding rigidly to its symmetry, clean lines and manicured hedges.  Visitor will enter through a side gate and encounter a peaceful setting ideal for dinner parties and relaxation."
"Contrasting with the bustle of busy downtown streets, the garden features tranquil water features, including a wrought iron fountain."

"Designed as a white garden, the space abounds in white and green, further adding to the calming ambiance."
"Four sculpted beds feature espalier camillas, Iceburg roses and Buxus "Green Velvet" boxwood, which is a cross between Korean and American boxwoods."

200 East Second Street
"At the center of a cloistered monastery for over 160 years, the courtyard garden was the private sanctuary of the Visitation Academy Sisters and was rarely open to members of the public.  The garden has a form design, and once included an orchard, vegetable garden, bee hives and even cattle - all tended by the Sisters to sustain their all-female community of nuns and boarding students.  The school property is close to four acres and retains the echo of many lives spent in prayerful reflection."

I hope you got an idea of two.  I plan to plant a climbing rose along the brick side of my house like in the garden at 121 Record Street just as soon as I can find a white rose.  Did you notice the bird nesting in that climbing rose?

I'll end with the first bloom from the new climbing rose I bought at Surreybrooke for my Arbor entrance....


  1. Wow! Thank you for posting all these photos and letting us have a glimpse of the wonderful gardens (and beautiful homes.) So inspiring. And your first rose is gorgeous. I love the shade of pink. Very promising of more to come!

    1. You should check out last year's post about the tour. I think the gardens were even better last year:

  2. I did notice the bird's nest in the climbing rose. The rose is quite lovely creeping along the brick facade. I enjoyed the garden tour---quite a large offering with a variety of gardens featured. I especially liked the different sculptures in the various gardens and in particular the adorable ducks following their mother. We enjoy visiting other gardens also. We visited Tufton Farm of Monticello this past Saturday for a lecture on roses and then a tour of the gardens. So many beautiful ideas are gleaned from fellow gardeners. Your new rose is looking quite happy and lovely in your garden.♥

  3. I love Monticello! It's been years since we've visited. I didn't realize there was a separate farm that could be visited or was it just for the lecture? I loved those ducks, too, and am always looking for sculptures to add to my gardens.

  4. Tufton Farm is one of the five farms that Thomas Jefferson owned next to Monticello. It is now home to the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants. They are open several times during the Spring and Summer for lectures, tours and also available are their plantings. Here is a link for more info.

  5. Lovely tour on what appeared to have been a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing more of your corner of the world ...

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour, too! It WAS a lovely day to stroll through gardens.

  6. What an inspiration, and thank you for taking us with you! I love so many things I've seen here, and I've done my own pick and choose for suggestions I'll be putting in my idea book! {I'm currently making lots of changes in my garden} I enjoy seeing the architecture as much as the gardens. Such a beautiful rose you have too. Now if only we could have fragrance to go with your lovely pictures. Waving from Across The Pond in a wildly windy west Wales!

    1. I agree about the hardscaping. I love the brick and stone walks and walls, fountains, statutes--it's just as important I think as the flowers--and white picket fences! My new rose does has a very lovely scent if you put your nose right up to it. Hopefully, once the climber is covered in roses the fragrance will waft heavenly towards my open kitchen window.

  7. Great tour, Cathy. After emptying a pickup of mulch the last few days, watching all the rabbits and deer, and now a groundhog, I think I'd like just a courtyard garden in town!
    Enjoy your roses; can't wait to see that arbor covered.

    1. I know what you mean, Elaine! I feel that way sometimes, too. I'd love one with a brick wall on 3 sides, a fountain, a place to eat and sit, and the rest with paths flowing between the trees, bushes and flowers! But, there's something to be said for a country (or suburbs) garden that is quieter and allows distant views. That's why it's always nice to visit whatever kind you don't live with.


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