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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peter Rabbit and Friends

It's a beautiful Spring afternoon with all the pinks and different shades of green emerging from the brown and gray.  All the villagers have come out on such a fine day.  They are gathered around Squirrel Nutkin to see the pictures of their lovely English countryside in Susan Branch's exciting book, A Fine Romance.... 

artist: Susan Branch

You can read more about Susan's visit to Hill Top Farm where Beatrix Potter's little friends live.

I must remember to warn Ms. Jemima Puddle-duck that Mr. Fox was seen trotting across my driveway into the woods this morning.  She only knows him as the bushy-tailed gentleman, but I can assure you that he is no gentleman!  It was a sight to behold, and unfortunately, I could not get to my camera quick enough.

Earlier this week Poetry the Calico Cat alerted us to the fact that a relative of Johnny Town-mouse was hiding under our bathroom cabinet.  He was scared stiff and would not come out to save his life.  I do not think he likes adventure park rides.  We treated him to the Wild Wind Tunnel (otherwise known as the shop vacuum), and was he glad to tumble out into the yard at the end of that ride.  He scooted off to safer hidey holes.

As for Peter Rabbit, he has been out in my garden today inspecting all the newly emerging plants....

Here are a few that he found....
Chives and Lambs Ears


Sedum and Snow-in-Summer

Strawberries flowering along the walk

Peonies peeping up through the False Aster

Hostas unfurling


Daffodils that have yet to open

Lily of the Valley marching into the walkway

Virburnum slowly opening

Wild Violets springing up in the lawn and gravel walkway

Roses budding

New leaves on the trees being admired by Mr. Cardinal
After the villagers had their look at Susan's book Pigling Bland said he was on his way to Market Town--the Market Fair at Ft. Frederick to be exact.  I hope to have photos and videos to show you this weekend of this 20th Annual 18-Century Market Fair.

Until then, cheerio, pip-pip, tally-ho....


  1. Love it! And the music: perfect! Your gardens must be such a joy to discover. Looking forward to the Market Fair post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think that's the best part about gardening--discovering all the new life when just a few weeks ago it was barren.

  2. Charming post, Cathy! Your garden is waking up after a long hard winter. You are behind us by a week or two. Our daffodils are now over, the dogwoods are at their peak and I do believe the cheery trees are more magnificent than ever. The columbine are ready to bloom and the bleeding heart is blooming as are the hellebores. Va bluebells are in full bloom as well as speedwell. I'm looking forward to your next post about the Market Fair. Thank you for sharing your woodland wonderland! ♥

    1. Yes, you are ahead of us. I do have one of my Bleeding Hearts in bloom, though. My Columbine are still just coming up and the Dogwood buds are till pretty tight. Only one of my "cheery" trees are in bloom (good alternate name! ☺)

  3. Hi Cathy - happy last week of April. Wonderful photos today - as always. And you knew what all these plants are! Who knew oregano was so pretty!! The only one I recognized for sure were the violets [my favorite]. I love plants and flowers but not having a house, I don't have an "outside" garden, so I'm always very impressed by people who do and know what they're doing to boot. Before you know it you're going to have a little apprentice gardener toddling around behind you and helping - bet you can't wait! How is grandparenthood going so far? Have Gabriel and Poetry met the baby yet?

    1. Good morning, Janet. Earlier riser, I see. We took Gabriel with us on Easter so he got to meet little Olivia. I'll have photos at the end of the month. My son sent me a bunch of photos so I think he's getting the hang of having parents who are grandparents. ☺ I think everybody understanding everyone's role properly is where the hang-ups come---they're the parents and I'm the grandparent. So far I guess I'm doing OK. I'm depending on them to tell me if I've tried to take a different role.

  4. Wonderful story and photos! You do know your garden and probably notice things I don't. Our spring is waning but it has been wonderful and taken it's time so we have enjoyed the color longer than usual. Has to do with the cool weather we've been having. We may have a real thunderstorm today and then the humidity will arrive with some very warm temperatures. Hope it isn't here to stay! My your grandchildren are going to have fun at your house !

    1. Sorry this didn't get published till now! The funny thing is once it's published I'm supposed to get an e-mail showing that it published, but that has not shown up either. I will have to check my "Awaiting Moderation" folder on my Blog from now on for your comments. We had a thunderstorm yesterday, too. No humidity here at least. We still have lots of trees that still need to bloom here.

  5. I forgot to ask you Cathy about the painting behind your Beatrix Potter figurines. It is beautiful! ♥

    1. I found it at a yard sale for $1.00! It's a reproduction of a Robert Wood painting and according to the price tag on the back sold for $1.00 by the W. T. Grant Co. It's printed on textured hard card board, so is probably only worth a dollar even now, but I agree, it's a beautiful painting. Wouldn't it be nice to have the original? I found this about reproductions:

      It's my painting, only the one shown is much more colorful. Perhaps mine faded through the years.

    2. It would be nice to own the original, but the reproduction is just lovely. Nice find for a yard sale. I've never had much luck at yard sales. I'll check out the link. Thanks. ♥


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