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Tuesday, March 4, 2014



's are my theme today.  I went around the house looking for all the hearts I could find.  It's amazing what one notices when one is on a quest.  In my case, it was mostly dust.  In fact, you will actually get to see some of this dust in the following photos.  

I'm also using this post to practice using the free photo editor site I've been using to put frames around my photos.  This is the first time for me to use the collage feature. So, let's get started.  

These are the hearts I found in my kitchen....

In my search I came across the embroidered picture that my mother made for my first-born.  This is very timely as this first-born is about to become a Daddy himself!  So this little hearts project of mine has already paid off!  I have found the future heirloom just in time for the nursery.  Notice the little hearts on the quilt....

Throughout the house I have several heart-shaped photo frames....

There are various wall hangings with heart shapes....

Well, that's enough playing with the photo editor's funky shapes!  On to the bathroom....Ivy is heart-shaped isn't it?....
A little more noticing, mainly by Ken, we came up with these heart shapes in various grill works....

I have various pieces of jewelry and  boxes....

I love my heart-shaped etched glass dish and crocheted doily.  Jeri Lander's lovely paper garden came with a heart-shaped "Hand Made With Love" tag.  And, of course, Susan Branch and her book Heart of the Hme cookbook is without a doubt symbolic of all things !

My dollhouses do not escape hearts either....

I think I love the heart shapes in nature the most....

Even Gabriel gets heart-shaped treats....

And last but not least there's Poetry the Calico Cat who has a on her forehead....

Well, I guess I'm not going to get to the dusting today.  I've spent the entire afternoon on this project!

Do you have a favorite shape?  Perhaps it's stars or animals or some other shape or object.  Do you have collection of like-shapes in your home?  


  1. Lovely post Cathy! Looks like a house full of LOVE!! I am curious if you don't mind me asking. Did you make your dollhouse or did you buy it? Looking at some kits right now and just not sure how difficult they are for a beginner. Yours is too cute! I love to collect mini and small hedgehogs and lambs/ the dusting

  2. Hi Belinda! You won't believe this, but I bought that dollhouse in a yard sale for $15 a few years ago, completely furnished! I actually have a kit in the attic I've had for over 35 years waiting to be made. :-) I've started a collection of sheep, too, but don't have enough yet to show. I love hedgehogs! You don't see very many of those, though. Where did you find yours?

  3. I love all your hearts Cathy. I have always had a fondness for them. There are many in our home. I see hearts everywhere--my youngest grandson loves rocks and collects the heart shaped ones for me. There is even a large squirrel's nest in our neighbor's tree that is heart shaped! I always sign my name with a heart. ♥

    1. Martha, your comment just reminded me that I forgot to include Poetry the Calico Cat's photo! And, I seem to remember I have another heart-shaped nature item somewhere. I will have to search for it tomorrow when I dust!

  4. Amazing how many you found by looking. It's probably a good exercise--observation skills! IT was fun to see all your hearts.

    1. I found other things I'd forgotten about like jewelry. A number of times I said, "So, that's where that is!"

  5. Hey, Cath. Wow, you are definitely a champ when it comes to "hearts around the house." Now I'm curious, I'll have to look around. I bet I have more than I realize myself. My favorite shape too. What girl doesn't like a heart? That picture your mom made for your son is adorable too. And in such great condition. You were careful and kept it out of the sun, etc. Is it going to your soon-to-be-granddaughter's nursery? If so, that's great - the way it should be. She'll be the fourth generation in your family to enjoy it. And who knows how many more after her? Gee, things are getting close now. You must jump a little every time the phone rings! Hope there's no annoying weather going on for the big day. PS - love the picture of Calico. What's the story behind that? So cute. Well, take care and talk to you soon...

    1. Hi Janet. Poetry the Calico Cat has her own website! You can read all about her there (see sidebar under My Other Blogs). The baby isn't due until the 31st, so I'm not expecting any phone calls just yet....but maybe in 2 weeks I'll be just as you say. :-)

  6. You have hearts, I have acorns! You've got a great collection. I think I love the doggie biscuit and bleeding hearts best. I often forget how to use the collage feature on my Corel and have to ask my husband, once again, "How do I do this?" Your hearts are lovely.

    1. Acorns sound like a nice collection. Besides the ones I collect from nature I do have one little one made out of metal that came attached to a candle. Do yours have functions like bookends, perhaps, or S&P shakers? This is making me think about my chicken and rooster collection.....


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