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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Resolve To....

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I think I quit making them somewhere in my 30's--which is a long time ago.  But sometimes one has to resolve to do something in order to make it happen, and by making it public, I'm making it a little harder for me to renege on it.  So here goes.....

I, Cathy, resolve to:

  • figure out how to use all the features available on Blogger that I see other bloggers using
  • be more creative with my blog
  • blog more often
  • lose the extra pounds I put on over the holidays (this one has nothing to do with my blog, but, hey, I'm on a roll!  (Yikes! I'm already thinking of food...I LOVE rolls with butter!)
That should be enough to get me started.

So, would anyone like to make some resolutions that I can hold them to?


  1. I probably quit making New Year's resolutions about the same time, Cathy. I guess that's when I decided every day is a fresh start of its own - and the opportunity to do something better, or just do something for the first time - is always there. I have lots of interests too, and usually want to do TOO much at one time. But now that I'm retired, I really do resolve to read all my as-of-now-unread books, including President Clinton's biography and a book about the big New England hurricane of 1938. Happy New Year!

    1. Janet, I will check back with you in a couple months to see what you've read. :-) Are you on GoodReads? You could give us a mini book report there about the books you're reading this year.

    2. I think I am on GoodReads, Cathy. I think I signed up when Susan B mentioned it on her blog last Summer. I'll have to go and check later. Usually get my book recommendations from C-SPAN's BOOK TV but can always use more - especially in other genres! Bundle up and stay cozy...

    3. Janet, you stay cozy, too. I think you're getting much more snow than we're getting down here.

  2. I too decided long ago not to make resolutions--too depressing as I seem to want to lose weight every year and that doesn't seem to happen. Instead I try to focus on exercising more--my husband and I do walk every day for 2 miles. Hey, it works for us. In the winter we sometimes walk the mall if it's too cold. ♥

    1. My husband and I go to the fitness center five days a week. It has not helped me to lose weight, but it does keep me from gaining more, though....unless it's the holidays with cookies and desserts galore.


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