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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TA-DAH! Week 2

"Words are not only descriptions but prescriptions.  They elicit emotional responses.  They can be a cure or a curse."  -- Loretta LaRoche, "Relax--You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left"

#2 - Talk to Yourself in Fun Ways

This week's Ta-Dah! is about the Committee that lives in your head.  It's all those important people in your life when you were a child who told you how you should live your life.  For the most part, it was probably good information to know, but we are individuals and too often the messages were of the one-size-fits-all variety.  Parents and teachers were all too busy (or didn't want to put forth the effort) to see us for who we really were.    And many were vastly under qualified for their jobs!  Hence, some of the messages were just plain wrong.   So how do we deal with this now?  Do we continue to believe them?  

This week's assignment is to just step back and observe all those thoughts and feelings that float through your head.  Don't judge them.  Don't fixate on them.  Just observe.  When a particular thought suddenly seems absurd to you, allow yourself to laugh about it.  Then talk to yourself in a fun way.  Perhaps sing the song that is playing right now.  Be a little silly and see what happens.  Be sure to let me know!

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