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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TA-DAH! Week 1

I'm reading a book entitled RELAX--You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left" by Loretta LaRoche.    She is described as an Erma Bombeck with a wellness agenda.  She writes, "A childlike TA-DAH! blesses the moment you're in.  It permits you to enjoy wherever you are and to realize, more often than not, that you choose to be there."  I thought it would be fun to make Tuesdays the day I share one of her TA-DAH suggestions (10 in all) and hopefully we will all make a conscious effort to practice it for the week.  I'd love for you to report back to me how you practiced it and the results.  OK?

#1 - Trade Frowns For Smiles

This is something I already practice, but not nearly enough.  There is a theory called "Facial Feedback" that proposes that if you smile you'll begin to experience the pleasant feelings associated with it.  If I am proof enough, then it should be called a "law" instead of just a theory.  What happens is you breathe through your nose when you smile which lowers the temperature of your blood.  When this cooler blood reaches your brain certain chemicals are released which suppress pain and help you feel better.

Just the other day I was walking into the library when a mother and her two young children were exiting.  The little boy, probably about 4 years old, looked up at me and smiled which immediately elicited a smile from me.  I can't say enough about how great that made me feel!  So next time you notice you need a mood boost, just smile--whether you feel like it or not.  And if you do it in the presence of someone else you may just be surprised how the benefit is multiplied exponentially!

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