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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let It Be Easy

Alan Cohen in his book "A Deep Breath of Life" asks this question about his life:  How would I be doing this differently if I were willing to let it be easy?  By easy he means "honoring your aliveness.....acting from the place in you where life is meaningful.....and releasing any notion that you must participate in activities that deaden you."  With this in mind I examined my own life....

How do I honor my aliveness?

Caring for pets....

Poetry and Gabriel add a richness to my life that is special because animals have no guile and love with their whole hearts.  They get along with one another, but the times when their wild side emerges they never hold a grudge afterwards.  It is pure entertainment when both are feeling frisky!
I especially love it when they join forces in their escapades!

Making a home...

My home has always been very important to me.  Over the years I've enjoyed finding ways to make it more comfortable for my family and me.  It has been a place to express my creativity.


Making a garden engages all 5 senses--sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Playing with dolls...

I love miniature things.  Decorating a miniature house is like having a second home to dote over--and much cheaper.  Finding just the right items, especially when it's been found in a yard sale, is very rewarding.  Making it myself is even better.  I made the kitchen rag rug, straw broom, and kitchen and coffee tables.


I collect children's picture books whose illustrators appeal to my love of pretty pictures.
In my basement my husband had to build shelves for all the books and matching dolls and stuffed animals I'm collecting to share with my future grandchildren.

I collect the books of my favorite illustrators like Susan Branch...

And Beatrix Potter...

And Tasha Tudor


I read instead of watching TV.


I write stories about Poetry and Gabriel.  


The Arizona desert is breathtaking.

And driving through West Virginia in the Autumn is always inspiring.

What makes my life meaningful?

My family and friends...

My family is all grown up and on their own now, but they are still very much a part of my life.  

My family history...

I've researched my roots and written my ancestors's stories.  They've all contributed in some way to who I am and show me I, too, have a legacy to leave.

My blogs...

This was my first Blog, a daily devotional.  I actually wrote it in 2004, but did not post it until 2011.

My second Blog filled my need to continue looking for the ways in which God is in all of life.

The stories on this website were written between 1997 and 2003.  They are very special to me and I just wanted to share them.

This is this Blog.  I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts about my life.

And finally, what activities have I released that deaden me?  

Anything that doesn't fall into one of the above categories! There will always be something you will have to do that does not appeal, but when you have a choice, ask yourself, will this make a difference in my or someone else's life.  Life is too short to waste doing things that really don't matter in the scheme of things.  

♫The Beatles - Let It Be♫


  1. You lead a very beautiful life and Poetry and Gabriel are darling.

  2. I hope to capture Poetry and Gabriel in their antics on video this year. I never seem to have my camera with me when I need it!

  3. We love the same authors, Tasha, Beatrix and of course Susan B. Those books could be written in Chinese - I'd still love the illustrations. The "tender" colors, the sweet scenes, the details, and a view into times past. So beautiful. Do you have Tasha's "Take Joy" Christmas book? That's really the nicest book. My first principal gave us all copies of that one Christmas [1978] - and I've found something new in it every year since. Love the photo of Gabriel sleeping on top of Poetry! And news flash - WHAT a handsome family you have. Three boys - holy moly! You sure were a busy young mom! My mom had 3 of each and I can remember her telling her friends at different times how challenging boys were when they were little. I do remember one of my little brothers [I was oldest] coming in the kitchen once - all proud of himself - to show my mother a bloodsucker worm he found! Guess she was right about the challenging part! LOL!

    1. Janet, that photo of my Tasha Tudor books are all her books.....I'm only missing one. Her 1940's/50's are the best examples of her "tender colors" when publishers still used a process that best showed the original colors. If you find her oldest books, make sure they're published by Oxford University and not Henry Z. Walck, who bought Oxford University and republished those books as first editions--at a lower quality color process.

  4. Cathy, I've wandered your gardens in all seasons and read several other pieces before choosing this one. I find you a kindred spirit although a much more talented one than I. My introduction to Tasha Tudor came through two of her books being taken out of circulation at my daughter's elementary school: Becky's Birthday and Becky's Christmas.
    I look forward to spending much more time reading through your blogs. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    1. Well, thank you, Elaine, but talent is relative I believe. I've come to believe whatever talents we have as long as we express them to the fullest we're talented enough! I think as long as a person is interested in life and not afraid to put herself "out there", her talents will be used. I love your Blog because I feel quite drawn in to the world you are sharing through your words and photographs. It's has a tranquility about it. I'm glad you are finding kindred interests on my Blog!


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