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Monday, May 21, 2012

Serenade to Spring

Spring will be over soon....not officially for several weeks, but weatherwise the heat will begin to take it's toll on my garden.  For now I shall enjoy it!  Won't you come along with me.....

The roses are in full bloom!

This climbing rose bloomed pink for several years, then suddenly these red roses appeared on the stem.  And now this year white roses have appeared alongside the pink and red.  This rose was obviously grafted onto another rose(s) to make pink flowers, but the original plant has found it's "voice" and exerted itself.  It reminds me how for many of us our true selves lie dormant, waiting to finally emerge.

I also have wild roses blooming in my garden.  They never change color.  They are not susceptible to black spot, powdery mildew, or pests.  What does that say about being who you are meant to be rather than something you are not!

I found a darling statue at a yard sale at a give away price, painted it with sand paint to make it look like stone and now the little boy graces my garden communing with the tiny bird resting on his hand--a lovely reminder to take time to notice the littlest of creatures.

 The honeysuckle is in bloom, too!  Such a sweet fragrance....and it brings the sweet hummingbirds to our front porch.

 These lilies, leftover from Easter a number of years ago, are about to bloom.  Expectation is part of the joy of a garden.

 I captured this large bumblebee on the Baptisa with my camera.

 And he obliged me a little longer so I could get this video of him.

 The Snow-in-Summer is in bloom, a sure sign summer is on the way.

 A view of my garden from the driveway at the bottom of the steps....

 Gabriel wants to be on my side of the gate.

These are the Evening Primroses in the background spilling over into the path.

And poor, poor, Poetry longing to be out in the garden with us, but with the neighborhood cats that roam it is not safe for her to be out and about. 

 I shall leave you with this lovely saying.....

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