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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Music in the Garden

Last evening we attended Surreybrooke's Music in the Garden event.  Throughout their extensive gardens were musicians playing hammered dulcimers, fiddles, flutes, banjos, guitars, recorders, harps, and mandolins.  Most of the attendees brought picnic suppers and bottles of wine, setting up their own cloth-covered tables with chairs amongst the bushes and under the trees.  I did not record any music but I've put links where I could find them to several musicians on YouTube for you to listen to after you've finished listening to the music I've selected to accompany this post (at the top of the page).  What follows are a few of the photos (to enlarge click on them) of the garden and musicians. . . .
An elfin child resting in the Children's Garden

A view of the entrance from the tower

Looking towards the garden center

The sun beginning to set behind the clouds

A sea of flowers

Drinking in the loveliness

A view of the mountains in the distance

Dancing amongst the blossoms (expressing what I felt like doing)

A view of the Summer Porch and house

Storm clouds brought only a few sprinkles

We sat and listened to Chang & Cole, classical guitars, play in the Summer Porch

The next group we listened to played on the Cabin Porch:
Sam Rizzetta, hammered dulcimer
Jeff Hornbeck, mandolin & guitar
Charlie Casabona, fiddle & mandolin
Genevieve O'Loughlin, harp & fiddle

I was enjoying the music, looking up at the clouds thinking about life, when I turned my head and saw THIS!  The music was lovely but I wanted to direct everyone else's attention to THIS!

The miniature horses were grazing in the pasture

Across the stream were "Pete & Barley" - Becky Ross & Bill Mitchell

They played under the Willow tree near the pond

Hollyhocks in the garden of another cabin

More cottage garden flowers

Music was drifting through the bushes near the Cabin Garden

"The Meadow Sweets" - Wes and Julie Merchant

We were drawn to the Fragrance Garden by sounds of banjo and guitar

David Rastall, guitar
Bernie Poindextra, banjo

We ended the evening in the Boxwood Garden
Jim Dronenburg, Ballads & Harp

❤️Take Joy❤️


  1. My goodness! What a wonderful, magical, and inspirational event. The music you have selected is like a morning meditation, and this is a real treat to read and listen too over my morning coffee. I think it is a brilliant idea and you are so fortunate to be near enough to attend, and thank you for sharing it. I love the way you captured that special rose pink golden glow of evening light in so many of the pictures. I'll have to come back later to listen to the links, but for now I'm leaving Pachelbel on!

    1. It blesses my heart to know that my post and music selection helped get your morning started in such a lovely way. I agree about the sunlight! They are only stay open that late in the day once a year so I was so pleased to get the "rose pink golden glow" as you stated it so perfectly.

  2. Very lovely setting for music among the gardens at Surreybrooke. The rainbow gives a nod of joy to the occasion. ♥

    1. Rainbows always show up for me as a reminder of God's promises!

  3. Loved the tour! Especially loved what "caught-your-eye", the beautiful rainbow! GOD sent this to you just at the right time!

    1. Yes, I would have missed it if I hadn't turned my head!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful and indeed magical event, enchanting!

  5. Such an enchanted evening you had! The photos are beautiful as I'm sure the music was too! Pat

    1. Thank you, Pat. It was a very enjoyable evening, indeed.

  6. It does sound like a magical evening. It sort of reminds me of when we did that in our city, walking from place to place, but the garden atmosphere on a summer evening sure beat the city lights. You really do interesting things!

    1. The is SO much to do in our area, but we generally stick close to home anymore so it's great when there's something nearby.

  7. That's such a wonderful setting. I always think music somehow sounds so much more beautiful outside! Sarah x

    1. Plus you get to move around. I don't like sitting inone chair for a long time while listening to music. I want to either repose on a couch or stroll about--or dance!

  8. Such a lovely place. I know you've written about it before and I hoped to visit sometime with a friend who lived in Columbia. Her life got turned upside down last year and now she is living a long hoped for dream in Maine! Thanks for writing about it again, I needed the reminder.

    1. When you do decide to visit, please do stop in to see me!


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